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One thing that I find so fascinating is the legendary fashion icons of the past. Women that really made their mark on the world in terms of fashion. This is a list of women that I feel are the legendary in terms of fashion history:
Marilyn Monroe 

Audrey Hepburn 


Jacqueline Kennedy

Elizabeth Taylor 

Diana Ross

Katherine Hepburn

Bianca Jagger

Grace Kelly


Princess Diana 

I can't help but think about who are the women in fashion today that are just as iconic as the women above and who has what it takes to make their mark on fashion history. First up:  

Kim Kardashian-West: 

Like it or not, Kim Kardashian-West is undeniably one of the biggest fashion icons of the millennial generation. I like to think of her as the modern day Marilyn. There is huge controversy behind the fact she is world-wide famous for being the number one reality star, however in my opinion, this generation LOVES car crash, reality TV. I would personally rather binge watch 11 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians than watch a film. Films are boring and take too long to get to the point. Maybe reality TV is this generations new Hollywood.  Maybe this could be the reason why Kim secures her place as a future historic fashion icon. 

Some of her most iconic looks include; her red carpet appearance at the 2015 Grammys with her Jean Paul Gaultier look, 2015 Met Gala Roberto Cavalli look, 2016 Met Gala Balmain look, 2016 VMA's vintage John Galliano look and her numerous looks during 2016's Paris Fashion week, just before she was robbed at gunpoint. There is no doubt that the cover below, for PAPER magazine, is one of Kim's most controversial and famous shoots. Its controversy that MAKES an icon.   

Kim Kardashian Is Trying to "Break the Internet" With Her Bare Butt

Kendall Jenner:  
The Kardashian/Jenner family are iconic. The whole family will go down in history as a landmark for fashion and beauty within this generation. They are EVERYWHERE. The family name is a brand. A brand that has formulated millions of dollars from the offspring of Kris Jenner. I have realised that this is now making me sound as though I'm writing a blogpost fan-girling over the Kardashians and despite all of them being extremely stylish and fabulous, I can assure you that Kendall is the last Kardashian on this list haha. 
Kendall is the member of the family that I think has the best style. She pushes boundaries and pulls anything off. Kendall most famous looks are mainly from her streetwear which is something she is probably best known for. Other iconic looks include; her Met gala 2016 Versace look, her La Perla Met gala 2017 look and her Paris Hilton inspired 21st Birthday dress. 

Kendall Jenner out and about in New York City

Kate Middleton & Megan Markle:

Marrying a prince gives you instant fashion icon status. No doubt about it. Princess Diana was the initial royal fashion icon, and since then Kate has followed in her footsteps. Kate Middleton is already, that much of a fashion icon  that within minutes of her being photographed in an ASOS dress it had completely sold out. Being a princess doesn't require  eccentricity or controversy, minimalism and simplistic chic is all it takes. I have no doubt that Megan Markle, the newest addition to the royal clan after recently becoming engaged to Prince Harry, will take the world by storm and may even overtake Kate as the best royal fashion icon? Cant help but think there may be some tension and rivalry between the two. They will be popping out babies and wearing designer dresses like theres no tomorrow to be the most liked princess. 

Image result for kate middleton and prince williamImage result for prince harry and meghan markle

Lady GaGa: 

Undeniably GaGa has left her mark on the world of fashion with her eccentricity and vibrance that is almost 'too much.' From the beginning of her career she has been pushing boundaries and being as controversial as possible. Whether that is a meat dress, or dancing around in warning tape in her music video 'telephone.' Her outfits are so 'out there' that you cant help but analyse them. Is there a political message behind her wearing a meat dress? Is she representing feminism by embracing her own body? Or is she just crazy? Its these types of questions that lead to controversy which then leads to press attention. Lady Gaga's fashion launched her career and it has inspired many female artists today such as; Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. 

She wasn't the first to be a music artist that dressed eccentrically. She is likely to have been inspired by the likes of Bowie and Madonna, however the fact that she really pushed the boundaries when it came to fashion, cemented her success as a historic fashion icon. 

Image result for lady gaga meat dress


Besides Rihannas ever evolving music career, fashion is a huge part of the superstars life and brand. Nowadays she has escaped the idea of being a 'pop princess' and has delved into the fashion world, becoming an ambassador for Dior and launching her own collection with puma called 'Fenty.' I don't think she would have got to this point without her eccentric and controversial looks. One of her most controversial looks was labeled in the press as 'Rihanna's practically naked dress' by Adam Selman that was covered in Swarovski crystals for the 2014 CFDA's. 

Rihanna is world-wide famous for her outstanding Met Gala looks. Some of her best looks have been; the Stella McCartney 2014 look, the Guo Pei 2015 look (photographed below) and her most recent 2017 Met look by Rei Kawakubo. These looks have been so legendary that next year she has been listed as one of the three hosts of the Met Gala 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' , alongside Amal Cooney and Donatella Versace. 

Rihanna - attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City. 2

After writing this blog, I cant help but notice the parallels between some of the historic fashion icons on the list at the beginning and the modern day upcoming historic fashion icons. I feel that they all taken inspiration from different women. 

I feel that Kim Kardashian-West has taken inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor due to the starlet image and the Hollywood glamour. These women were not afraid of sex appeal and neither is Kim. 

Kendall Jenner relates to Katherine Hepburn with her simplism and use of menswear as womenswear. 

Kate and Megan clearly are linked to Princess Diana, but also Jaqueline Kennedy. All women that have to dress to a certain standard, ensuring they never look 'inappropriate' yet they still look effortlessly chic and fashionable. 

Madonna and her use of outlandish costume is clearly a huge inspiration behind what Lady GaGa has now claimed as her own bizarre style. 

Finally I believe that a huge inspiration behind Rihanna's legendary looks, is Diana Ross. The extravagance, glamour and maximalism within Diana Ross is clearly replicated in Rihanna and her personal style. 



Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Related image


Below is a photoshoot displayed in British Vogue for the March 2012 issue. It is called 'Beautiful Strangers' and the opening image is labelled "Resonating with the spirit of the early Nineties avant garden, designers are once again in thrall to experimentation. Concepts fly high, lines are asymmetric and designs beautify both mind and body." 

 The task of researching this particular shoot is that it is so abstract and different and the clothing embraces movement so it is involved with the consistent theme of 'ACTIVE' which is something I have been focusing on for the last month or so. Another reason behind the task, was to investigate the photographer, looking at his previous work and finding information about his life and success as a fashion photographer. 

Mario Sorrenti, the Italian photographer, born in 1971, is a well respected fashion photographer. His career launched after photographing the iconic 'Obsession' Calvin Klien campaign, starring his then girlfriend, Kate Moss. Kate Moss posed nude for these shots, and they stirred some contraversy. She was labelled a "paper-thin figure" and "a reflective of the 'Heroine Chic' movement." It's this sort of controversy that cements such an iconic photographer in the fashion photography industry.  

In 2012, not only did he shoot "Beautiful Strangers" for Vogue, Sorrenti also shot for numerous publications, from Vanity Fair to the New York Times and his advertising clients include the likes of Kenzo and Chanel. 

Sorrenti has been on the 'Business of Fashion 500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry' since the database began back in 2012 and he is famous for this "sexually charged editorial work" which has been published across multiple magazines such as American and Italian Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. I personally feel he is the type of photographer that enjoys contraversy and thrives on the idea of doing things out of the ordinary. He has previously said:

I feel that this openness to life in general is what encourages the amazing photography that he creates. 




Monday, 20 November 2017


The fictional soap character Pat Butcher is the new Kim Kardashian. 

The unlikely fashion icon, Pat Butcher no longer graces our television, however her influence has lived on now and, you never know, could have been one of the triggers behind this huge trend that is the overdramatic earring.  

Whilst looking around high street stores, I can't help but notice the obsession with the huge, dramatic earrings. I personally think that they look so cool and really showcase the shift from the minimalism trend to the maximalism trend. The earrings are colourful, bold and in every shape you could possibly imagine. They are a trend that may be scary to people, but I don't think I've seen one person that hasn't been able to pull off them off. 

These statement earrings have become such a trend that many high street stores are now jumping on the bandwagon. From Topshop to Zara. Osman Ahmed, a writer for Business of Fashion, labeled the earrings 'Generation Selfie's Favourite Trend' and goes on to discuss how the trend has newly been introduced after the trend peaked in the 80s. Maybe Pat Butcher was the type of  women that was stuck in her youth and thats why she loved her dramatic earrings so much haha. 




Sunday, 19 November 2017


It is only recently that I let my close friends and family know that I was gay. Most of them had figured it out already, and those that didn't... Well I'm starting to question their intelligence a little bit. However, all jokes aside, it was still a very big moment for me and something that had my heart pumping at a million miles an hour. I'm not in any sort of way, attempting to get sympathy. Being gay does not require sympathy. I don't need to be felt sorry for. Despite this, there is one thing in particular about being gay that, to put it bluntly, really pisses me off. 

I was so shocked after coming out, at the amount of people that will come up to you, normally heavily intoxicated on a night out, and say "You can be my gay best friend." 

Sorry, what? 

First of all, I think its quite a degrading label, like you are some sort of accessory. When an actual friend calls you this, its different. Because I'm actually their friend because I'm a decent human being, not just because I'm gay. 

What are the requirements of a gay best friend?   

Is it that we have to pick out your outfits? Help you with boy drama?

Why would you want to be friends with someone only based on their sexuality. Hate to break it to you, but not all gay people are eccentric bundles of fun. Not all gay people meet that criteria. 

It's really not the end of the world, and it isn't something that I would ever kick up a huge fuss about. In fact, often its a good indicator for me, of who to avoid and not develop friendships with. Maybe its something that irritates me, rather than angers me. 

However, when you actually sit and think about it and put it into context it can be so offensive. 

Would you say something similar to someone of a different race?
"You can be my asian best friend"

Different religion? 

"You can be my jewish best friend"

Different nationality? 
"You can be my Indian best friend" 

No. You wouldn't. Because that is INCREDIBLY offensive. 

I think a lot of people dont really think about it. I am aware that most of the time its coming from no place of malice. However, I think that people should get educated and think about what they are actually saying. 

I am not willing to be anyones gay accessory. 




Sunday, 12 November 2017


The colour pink is one that is so often associated with romance, florals and frills. The colour associates with innocence, femininity and perfection.

As part of my course, a project was set to take a colour, research it, and think of some kind of concept/idea behind the colour. I have found, through my research, that many women are rebelling against this stereotype linked to the colour pink. The colour has been almost sexualised and is now a symbol of feminism. Therefore when creating a low fi photoshoot, we wanted the images to scream powerful woman. 

The idea of the project was to see how words can change the meaning behind an image. We had to create an advertisement/campaign an album cover and a news article. 

When adding text to the image I wanted to try and experiment and think completely out of the box. I looked at the photograph and tried to think of a theme, product or idea that would be completely opposite to an initial thought. The idea of a florist popped into my head and this was the result.  

When I first looked at this photograph, before adding text, I thought it looked like a make-up campaign for a brand such as Urban Decay. This was probably because the focus point of the image is the eyes, therefore it could be a campaign for a new eyeshadow palette. Despite this I decided to look a bit further and edited it to look like an album cover. I tried to make it look like a pop artist cover by increasing the brightness and boldness of the image. 

I feel as though the article title and subtitle is very relevant today. Children are growing up way too fast. Maybe due to the exposure to social media, or the music that this generation is growing up with, which is full of drugs, alcohol and sexual references. 

I did really enjoy this project. I found that it got me motivated and my creative mind ran away with me a little bit. However looking back at the project now that I started back at the beginning of October, I feel as though we maybe could have gone about things in a different way. Feminism is a movement and I don't feel as though it always seems to be thrust in your face like the images above. I feel as though the message could have been represented more subtly to create a bigger and more dramatic impact. 




Saturday, 4 November 2017

Are you FUR real?

I noticed an article about how millennials could be the newest target consumers to bring back fur. I just don't think that it is the case. As it states in the article, we as a generation, are a lot more conscious of how things are made and where things come from, so why would we support and enable the fur trade? 

Celebrities have such a huge influence, and the fact that many wear real fur, is dangerous and damaging. I wouldn't describe myself as an animal activist or anything like that, however I wouldn't like the thought of wearing the skin of a defenceless animal. 

People of my age are fearful. Many people would not wear real fur out of fear. Fear of being judged by the thousands of people on social media with strong opinions on animal cruelty. This, in my opinion is one of the main reasons why I can't see the fur trade being enhanced by millennials. People are either completely against wearing fur for the sake of animal rights, or they are way too scared to wear it, for fear of being publicly shamed. 

The problem is, fur looks good. Wether its fur trims, or fur cuffs, its cool, and its timeless. I personally don't feel as though fur is outdated, I think that it is classic, and it always seems to be reinvented to look interesting and chic. 

One thing after reading that article that I found interesting was that the manufacturing of creating faux fur is a process that is extremely damaging for the environment. So when I sit and think, you can't really win as a consumer. You are either wearing fur that is off of an animals back, or you're wearing fur that has contributed to the death of a polar bear in the antarctic. Sounds dramatic but there is truth in what I'm saying. 

So why not scrap the idea of fur altogether?  

But then where does it end? 

Nylon, Polyester, Wool, and Viscose. Just a few other materials that are extremely damaging for the environment. When you look into it, theres not really anything that can be done. Fashion is an industry that isn't good for the environment, but we all thrive off fashion. It is part of our everyday life. 

In my opinion, we are all part of the problem. So I don't think people should be judged for wearing a real fur coat because, in my opinion, they're no worse than someone wearing a faux fur coat. It all comes down to personal preference. Let people wear what they want to wear. 




Friday, 20 October 2017


"Red has guts... deep, strong, dramatic."- Valentino 

Theres no getting away from the fact that the colour 'red' is striking and daring, its not something that can be thrown on like a pair of black jeans. Incorporating such a statement colour in your outfit takes preparation, as dramatic as it sounds. 

Trainers - Office 

Below is the colour palette for Fall 2017. As you can see, 'Flame Scarlet' is a pivotal colour in your autumnal wardrobe. Red really is the 'colour of the moment.' This colour palette mixed with ochres,  otters and olives creates the tonal motif that has been recognisable amongst many fashion icons recently. 

Sunglasses - ASOS / Jumper - Topman 

Since the collaboration with Luis Vuitton and Supreme the idea of adding a touch of red with a vibrant accessory has been a prominent trend on the high street. I personally love this trend and think that it is a fun and easy way to add a pop of colour into your outfit. Like many, I feel as though it is so easy to get comfortable in the safety blanket of black clothing, so experimenting and adding a pop of colour here and there, through accessorising, is a step in the right direction.

Jeans - ASOS / Bag - Topman (similar)

Photography - May Osbourne  

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